In This Issue 37

Bill & Rolande are expected  to be off the grid for the next couple of e-Veritas Issues. During their absence – Anna Michelle Shewfelt will be handling the reins. Readers are requested to contact her for the submission of any articles or queries. Anna-Michelle Shewfelt <>


In This Issue 37

Table of Contents

1. Legacy Dinner Kicks off Reunion Weekend 2018

2. Annual First Year Obstacle Course Doesn’t Disappoint

3. The Class of 2022 Officially Enters the Wing

4. Wall of Honour Marks Major Milestone

5. Memorials Wrap Up Reunion Weekend 2018

6. Pijper Cup Results and more: Cadets Kick Butt!

7. 28560 OCdt (II) Bennett Dickson: From Saint-Jean to Kingston & his views of the past weekend

8. What else is happening on the peninsula & area

9. Ex Cadets and More in the News

10. 25295 Melissa Chandler: “What was taught in Dr. Klammer’s courses helped me to overcome massive challenges”

11. Dr. B Asks, “What are you reading?”

12. Golden Oldies

13. Keeping Tabs

14. The Interview

15. Deaths / Décès

16. CAREER OPPORTUNITIES – Nos offres d’emploi

17. ArchivesHere

18. Paladins Preview: Latest Sports Scores