In This Issue 13 / Dans ce numéro 13

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Happy Canada Day! Bonne Fête du Canada!

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In This Issue 13 / Dans ce numéro 13

Table of Contents / Table des matière

Alumni Making the News / Des anciens font l’actualité

Memorial Fund for Fallen Ex Cadets

Message from the Principal of RMC/ Communiqué du recteur du CMR

Share Your Lockdown Stories / Partagez vos histoires du verrouillage pandémique

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12570 Mike Kennedy Reviews “The Winter Army” by Maurice Isserman

Golden Oldies / Photos d’antan

Keeping Tabs / Gardez un œil sur eux

The Class of ’79 Remembers: Naval Training Experience in the Summer of ’77

Qu’est-ce qui se passe au CMR Saint-Jean

Dr. Darrell Menard: Exercise and Stress Management

When Leaders Have to Make the Most of Limited Resources

“Tip of the Hat” for June 2020 / Chapeau aux membres pour juin 2020

Deaths | Décès

In Case You Missed It / Si vous avez raté

UPDATE – CMR ST-JEAN ENTRY CLASS of 1970 … Entry into the Old Brigade Project

The RMC Museum and the Maritime Museum of the Great Lakes Need Your Stories / Le Musée du CMR et le Musée maritime des Grands Lacs ont besoin de vos récits

TD Insurance Customer Relief: Helping Canadians Impacted by COVID-19


Tell your story! / Raconte ton histoire!

Memorial Fund for Fallen Ex Cadets

On 29 April 2020 a Royal Canadian Air Force CH-148 Cyclone helicopter was deployed on HMCS Fredericton under Operation Reassurance when it crashed off the coast of Greece. Six members of the Canadian Armed Forces lost their lives in this tragic accident, four of which were ex cadets of RMC. 27268 Sub-Lieutenant Abbigail Cowbrough (Class of 2018, Computer Science) 23811 Capt Brenden MacDonald (Class of 2007, General Science (Chemistry)); 25075 Capt Kevin Hagen (Class of 2011, Aeronautical Engineering); and 25516 Capt Maxime Miron-Morin (Class of 2013, Aeronautical Engineering). To honour these fallen ex cadets the RMC Foundation, in conjunction with General Bouchard and staff from RMC, have set…

Keeping Tabs / Gardez un œil sur eux

15414 Catherine Paquet – Product Line Director – Security at Firefly Educate 20390 Don Saunders – Director NORAD Forward Element (Ottawa) at NORAD & US Northern Command 26547 Alex Pym – Engineering Associate at ACF Associates Inc. 21700 Faith Rhodes – Senior Manager at…